Situated on Gorkogo 72 St. -  coffee shop №3  from roastery coffee copmany in Izhevsk. Udmurt Republic.
Tastycoffee actively promotes coffee culture in his city, and is engaged in roasting grain, supplying it throughout Russia.

The idea of a small coffee shop with a focused attention to the drink, and a deeper immersion in the coffee culture,
arose at the owners of the company, already having two coffee houses in their city.

coffee shop - a laboratory with a new concept, where there is no long bar,
and for each coffee drink there is a separate station with its own equipment and barista:

  • espresso / cappuccino

  • not coffee

  • alternative brewing

Rectangular space of 40 square meters, in the city center, located in the courtyard of monuments of architecture of the 19th century,
it was necessary to rationally zonate, and provide a place for all the equipment.

The following zones were identified:

  • station zone (for each of them its own equipment, water was supplied)

  • wall bar with dishwasher, sink, boiler

  • utility room (for storing small stocks of coffee, dishes, a refrigerator with milk, a microwave,
    necessary items for the employee to rest, and to maintain cleanliness)

  • shared bathroom

  • wardrobe place

  • high / low landing

  • place for Tasty's products

  • self zone

  • place for awards from coffee championships


Minimalism and manufacturability for a clear and fast work of the barista.
Clean forms, laconic textures from round tubes in the form of wall panels.
The color scheme was formed from the corporate identity of the company.
Black was softened by gray, wood details, round spherical mirrors and copper tubes -
to conduct experiments to study the taste properties of grain.

40 sq/m

Izhevsk, Gorkogo 72 st.

Photograph- Inna Minelli.